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Caroli Go- Karts supplied by Greeves Motorsport are manufactured in Sweden where the company was originally started by Mr Caroli, and has been manufacturing karts for many years, after initially winning the Scandinavian Kart Championship with a 'Caroli Kart'

The karts are manufactured to the highest safety standards and feature many different aspects to ensure an enjoyable driving experience.

Engines range from 200cc to 270cc and are also available as an LPG gas kart with a reinforced tank fitted under the left hand plastic pod. This produces a different seat adjustment to standard petrol driven karts.

Caroli Karts

Seat adjustment on gas karts is on the steering column for ease of access

Padded Tillet seats for additional comfort during endurance events

Additional head and back protection on HAMMERHEAD model

Four and two point belt fixings for additional safety

Karts may be chain or belt driven

Construction is second to none

All parts including steering, track rods, exhaust system, seats, external steel safety frame are fully tested

Special jigs hold the framework in place whilst welding to maintain perfect alignment of the chassis

Welding is thoroughly scrutinized with a minimum ten part check prior to painting

Aluminium floors (optional stainless steel)

High quality wheel bearings and Duro* tyres as standard (*options available)

Plastics are constructed from specially produced moulds commissioned by Caroli

Graphics are of exceptionally high quality ensuring pristine appearance

Six months engine warranty

Models Available


Single seat petrol 200cc and 270cc

Hammerhead Mini

Petrol 200cc (drivers age 7 - 15 yrs)

Hammerhead Twin Seat

Petrol 200cc and 270cc


Single seat petrol 200cc and 270cc

Shark LPG

Single Seat 270cc


Single Seat Petrol 200cc and 270cc

Stinger Eletric NEW 2019

Complete spares back up service for all models available from:

Phone: 01263 734688

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